The way to flip a panel by one person.


The FlipAssist is a cart or workbench designed to aid in turning over large flat products such as desk or conference table tops. The work piece initially is positioned at one end of the cart. When one side of the work piece has been sanded or finished, a pneumatic cylinder is activated on the underside of the cart allowing the hinged table top to lower in the center, placing the work piece in a near vertical position. The work piece is then easily laid over manually to the other side and the bed is returned to a flat position with the work piece inverted on the opposite end of the cart. The process reduces risk of injury to workers, damage to products, as well as reducing manpower requirements. FlipASSIST is ideal for use in conjunction with a conveyor system and can significantly reduce the need for manpower to maneuver product through the manufacturing and finishing process.


  • Weight: 200 lbs.
  • Carrying Capacity is 250lbs
  • 36" Wide x 68" Long
  • 37 1/4" Tall with Bed in Horizontal position
  • Each Table Half is 36" W x 32" L
  • Max Panel Size 5' x 9'
  • 4" x 2" Casters, 2 swivel with wheel brake and 2 rigid
  • Requires a minimum of 60psi shop supplied air
  • $2,600.00